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Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow – Paperback


  • Environmental and Social Chapter Highlights
  • Full Color Map/Bookmark

This 185 page book has 12 chapters in 13 pt type, 4 songs, 32 pictures and a map!  It’s fun, educational and nurturing.  Jack Sprout is a sunflower sprout looking for his place in Beaver Creek Meadow.  Come along with him to meet all the fun critters in Beaver Creek Meadow.  Together, they will face challenges, solve problems, and learn how to be good neighbors.  Along the way, you will learn about ecology, economics, science, and being a good friend.  Grab Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow, cuddle up with your youngster, and see what awaits Jack Sprout each day.  Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow will teach everyone something, and the time together will become a treasured memory.  What’s more, there is a whole selection of products to help you along your journey.

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Adventures of Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow – EBook

Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow is also available for Kindle and Nook.

Price: $7.95

Jack Sprout PreK-4 Curriculum Guide Download

This is the Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow homeschool, multi-level curriculum download.  It is intended to be used as a supplement to your current homeschool curriculum for students PreK-4.

The material is separated into twelve self-paced units, every one corresponding to a chapter in Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow.  Each unit has activities for language arts, character training, social studies, science, arithmetic, art, and music.  As a homeschool parent, you might decide to do all the exercises or only some of them, depending on your student’s needs.

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